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MSM Molecule Methyl-

((CH3)2) SO2

Sulfur is the third most common element (after the fluids and gases) from which our bodies are built. DMSO, or its better tasting offspring MSM, is a neccessity in our nutrition. If not available in abundance many different kinds of symptoms are displayed by the body, from slow healing wounds, over brittle hair to memory loss.

Key Benefits

bulletMSM is as basic to life as water and salt
bulletMSM brings the benefits of DMSO without the smell
bulletMSM has been reported to help the body heal itself

Reported Benefits

bulletBetter utilization of vitamins
bulletReduction of effects of allergies
bulletDetoxification of the body
bulletIncrease of blood circulation
bulletControl of constipation
bulletReduction of inflammation
bulletMore efficient delivery of oxygen
bulletReduction and relieve of muscle aches and pains
bulletKeeping nails, hair and skin healthy
bulletReduction of wrinkles and scar tissues
bulletReduction of headaches and cramps
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MSM is offered at very competive prices as shown in the pricelist. We particularely recommend our special blend of MSM with Vitamin C.

More Information

More information about MSM and DMSO can be found in the MSM Information Pack.

From the Sunland Chiropractic Center Dr. Georgi has some success stories.

More Information

For more information on this or any other product we offer, you can go to the Information Request Form, give us your mail or e-mail address and we will do our best to get the requested information.



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