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Take a look in the mirror. Does your image match the person who lives inside you? Does your body move like your imagination, leaping tall buildings at a single bound?   Probably not, if you’re over the age of forty.

Remember saying, "I’ve always wanted to... write a book, learn to dance, visit a foreign country and speak like a native, climb a mountain, start a business, live some place warm...?" Do you still bother to dream? Does it just feel too late?

Maybe it's not.

Welcome to Sunland Herb's Growth Hormone.

couple.cil (38525 bytes)Inside, do you feel slim and vibrant, a sleek smooth twentysomething bursting with energy and excitement about the future because, well, there’s still so much ahead! In your imagination, do you slip easily into gorgeous clothes that haven’t fit for years, linking arms with another strong slim being as you depart for the ski slopes, the beach or the dance floor?

If that's not who you see in the mirror, if you're already well past believing in such fantasies, this message is for you.  Or maybe you're a baby boomer who simply wants to take 100 years becoming 50 years old.  Unfortunately, unless you do something about it, 50 will come and go, and with it the insidious sign of aging: graying or loss of hair, change in body shape, less energy, sleepless nights, libido slowdown, possibly age related illness.

I was resigned to just such a future and then one day everything changed.

A friend told me there is a group of doctors who believe aging is an option.   In fact, he said these Doctors think we can turn back the clock, maintain our health and vitality to age 100 and beyond! This friend recommended I read a book by one of these doctors about growth hormone. He explained GH is the master hormone in our body, and that as we grow older, less and less is produced by our pituitary, which seems to be responsible for all the unpleasant aspects of the aging process.

The book, he told me, chronicles the results of 28,000 double blind clinical studies using injectable growth hormone as a supplement, at a cost of $1000 or more per month. Well, right away, I decided, count me out. However, I couldn’t help listening as he cataloged the results of this study. People experienced an astounding

bullet8.8 % average increase in muscle mass after six months without exercise
bullet14.4% fat loss without dieting
bullethigher energy level
bulletenhanced libido
bulletregrowth of heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, and other organs that shrink with age
bulletgreater cardiac output
bulletsuperior immune function
bulletincreased exercise performance
bulletbetter kidney function
bulletlowered blood pressure
bulletimproved cholesterol profile with higher HDL and lower LDL
bulletstronger bones
bulletfaster wound healing
bulletyounger, tighter, thicker skin
bullethair regrowth
bulletwrinkle removal
bulletelimination of cellulite
bulletsharper vision
bulletmood elevation
bulletincreased memory retention
bulletimproved sleep

My friend said an oral spray version of GH productjust came on the market at a fraction of the cost of injections.  He explained the oral spray does not require a prescription as do injections. This oral spray is unique, he said, because the GH (growth hormone) it contains is wrapped in a polymer matrix that allows it to be absorbed through the mucous membranes of your mouth (if GH is swallowed, it is destroyed in the digestive system).

Well, to make a long story short, I read the book until I was satisfied that GH was safe to take, and I got myself some of the oral spray. Much to my surprise, I noticed results within the first week. It wasn't long before I realized the doctors were right. Although the book was written about injectable growth hormone, the oral spray was doing everything for me they talked about

I realized I could go out for dinner at a nice restaurant or get a one month supply of this product and feel good all month long!   It wasn't long before a twelve year old who had the systems in place to meet the needs of a very big market company began offering oral spray growth hormone, a company offering other excellent products in 40 countries.

I was so excited, I decided to become a distributor for this product. I could see a market potential of 78 million baby boomers just like me, none of whom want to grow old. These "boomers" made an industry of formula and baby food in the 50’s, toys and rock music in the 60’s station wagons in the 70’s as they began to have children, fitness centers in the 80’s and mutual funds in the 90’s.

I saw how a product that appeals to this huge market now concerned with aging could be phenomenal, especially with the new pricing. An opportunity of this magnitude doesn’t come along often, I realized, so I went to work right away. Some friends joined me in the business, and after less than a year, I have customers and distributors in 33 states, yet there are still millions who don’t know about oral spray growth hormone! We decided to put up it up on this website to help people like you find out about this amazing product.

How would you like to have the energy and positive outlook to begin a new career, start a new hobby, or get yourself in shape? Could you envision yourself living perhaps 100, 120 years or more in vibrant health, bouncing great, great grandchildren on your knee? Would you like to be involved with some of the finest minds in this country, pioneering an effort to introduce the biggest market of people that history has even seen, who are about to enter retirement homes and hospitals, to the concept of staying healthy and productive instead of burdening our already in-debt country?

If you can relate to any of the above, all you need for your first step is to order a bottle or two of this product, perhaps one for you and one for your spouse. You don't have to mess with doctors or pills or preparation.  One simple spray under your tongue three times per day is all it takes.

And it won’t cost you $1000 per month as the injections did.  Now you can administer the product yourself for a mere $85 for a month’s supply.  So why not find out what it does for you. 

And there’s more. Recently we obtained a limited supply of a brand new book by one of the doctors mentioned above. It’s a book that explains why doctors believe growth hormone could be the elixir that helps us live longer without the diseases of aging.   Right now, for a limited time, we are making a special offer. As long as supplies last, we will include a copy of this book, a $19.95 value, free with your order of BioGevity, so don’t wait!


P.S. A new wave of clinical studies has recently been completed on growth hormone relating to its effects on a variety of diseases. Results are due to be published in the media in the next few months. It’s the perfect time to satisfy yourself about the product and build a distribution network because once the results are in, it will no longer be a question about what product to buy, just who to buy it from.



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