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The following cases are reported by Dr. Georgi:

bulletMaria, a severe burn survivor, began taking MSM four month ago. She noticed her leathery old skin grafts beginning to soften and the edges to blur with the unscathed skin. She was delighted during hot weather to wear shorts again.
bulletRod had suffered from a painful shoulder problem for over a decade. The pain forbid him to raise his arms over his head. After only three weeks on MSM he as able to move his arms freely with NO pain.
bulletBob went out with the boys and had way too much pizza and beer. That night he was awakened with the feeling that a small thermonuclear device had exploded in his stomach and the mushroom cloud was ascending his esophagus. It was 3 am and there was no antacids in the house. Desperate for relief he mixed a table spoon of MSM powder into 8oz. of water and added a few drops of fresh lemmon juice. Almost instantly the fire in his belly began to subside and he slept peacefully the rest of the night.


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