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Glucosamine Sulfate (500 mg) 60 CAPS $15.00

Oral HGH Spray (30ml mg) 30 mg $85.00

Zinc Lozenges (Vitamin C and Herbs) 50 TABS $ 6.00

Melatonin (1mg Sublingual) 100 TABS $ 6.00

Acidophilus 100 CAPS $12.00

Acidophilus Powder (1 Billion Count) 90 gm $10.00

PhenCal TM 120 TABS $18.00

Nite Off 60 TABS $22.50

Ultra Whey 12 oz $20.00

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)
MSM w/Vitamin C 250 CAPS $22.50

MSM POWDER 6 oz $14.50

MSM POWDER 18 oz $39.00

MSM 170 gm
Vitamin C 170 gm
Acidophilis 90 gm $29.50

Feverfew 100 CAPS $12.00

Yucca Root 100 CAPS $12.00

Echinecea & Golden Seal (Standardized) 60 CAPS $12.00

St John’s Wort (Standardized Plus) 60 CAPS $12.00

Cat Claw Extract (Standardized Plus) 60 CAPS $15.00

ProsMate (Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, Zinc) 60 CAPS $15.00

Male ActivatorTM (Wild Oats, Yohimbe, Ginseng, Damiana, Cayenne, etc.) 60 CAPS $15.00

HB (Ginseng 8 Gotu kola Bee pollen, Cayenne) 100 CAPS $12.00

HS (Chickweed L Burdock) 100 CAPS $12.00

HL (Cascara & Senna) 100 CAPS $12.00

HBW (Ginger, Diamiana, Blessed Thistle, Wild Yam, Squaw vine, etc.) 100 CAPS $12.00

1st Choice 60 TABS $22.00

Vitamin C Powder 6 oz $12.00

Vita Mix Powder Vitamin, mineral, protein, herbs 1 Ib $29.00

Oxy Pro Antioxidant (ACE with Pycnogenol) 60 CAPS $10.00

Ultra Pro Training Pack Vitamins, minerals, herbs & amino acids 240 TABS $33.00

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Shopping Cart Instructions

The above is a list of items The Sunland Herb Company offers you for purchase. To make selecting items easy, we have set up an electronic shopping cart. To add an item to it, scroll down to the item, under the column 'Shopping Cart' enter the number of that item into the text field and press the 'ADD' button.

This will display a page listing all the items you have added to your shopping cart. From there you can either remove an item, continue shopping or proceed to the checkout stand. At the checkout stand you will again review the items in the shopping cart, enter shipping and payment information and send this information encrypted to our secure server.

A second method of reaching the checkout stand is to press the button 'Proceed to the Checkout Stand' just above these instructions, at the end of the list of items.

We will contact you within two business days by e-mail to confirm the order.

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