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Glucosamine Sulfate
Glucosamine Sulfate is proving to be a welcome reliever of osteoarthritis symptoms: there is evidence that it helps to rebuild the worn out cartilage in the joints and prevent the chemicals from forming in the joints which broke down the cartilage in the first place.
Oral HGH Spray
Growth Hormone - an oral spray that does most of what previous $1000 injections did. Get rid of your years..
Zinc Lozenges
Has been found beneficial for common cold, sinus problems and other disorders associated with eyes, ears, nose and throat.
Has been found as an aid in sleep disorders such "Jet Lag".
Lactobacilus acidophilus or acidophilus as it is commonly known is a source of friendly intestinal bacteria and more effective than yogurt. Regular use of acidophilus keeps the intestines clean.
Nite Off
Amino Acid supplement with Valerian Root.
Ultra Whey
A protein supplement designed for athletes wishing to increase muscle mass.
Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane, organic sulfur, is amongst the top eight largest substances found in our body. Sulfur plays an essential role in our nutrition and is commonly overlooked - but not anymore!
Herbal Formulas
Starter Pack
MSM powder
        Vitamin C powder
Acidophilus (1 Billion count)


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