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We were able to locate some documentation of the early days of the Sunland Herb and Vitamin Company. Initially called the House of Health we found in the archives of Dr. Otto Georgi (June 6, 1907 to Sept 6, 1999) picture documents showing the original location more than 40 years ago - 1956 - in Tujunga, just three miles up Foothill Boulevard.

Sunland Herb 1956   Bigger

Business as usual in the early 50s with Dr. Otto Georgi and his wife Ruth...

Otto and Ruth Bigger

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A business card makes a business really a business ...


license.jpg (17156 bytes) but only a business license makes it legal.

Another step that needs to be done to establish a business in the good old American way, is to file a fictucious name statement. Here we go ...

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... and something that might be forgotten with all the legal stuff, but being in fact the most important, is to make yourself know, have a product and let people know you have it ...

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And at the old House of Health things must have been done right, because until well into the 90s (that is the 1990s), the business maintained the same location ...

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different sign - same location in 1991

until it moved down three miles into Sunland, California.




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