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JULY 1, 1998

Most IMPORTANT: Don’t get sick.

You don’t want to be sick ever but especially in the post millennium era where medical care may be iffy at best. Modern high tech medicine is very dependant on computers. All those beeping monitors, machines and diagnostic equipment may have date sensative chips that could fail. Transporatation may prove to be very dificult with supplies of food and medicine disrupted or delayed. Many government services may shut down. Anyone who lived through the Los Angeles Riots (or insurrection if you like) knows what happens when the cops don’t come to work. December 31, 1999 will be one of the worst times ever to be dependent or have a victim mindset. It is not my purpose to be a Harbinger of bad tidings. Get the facts by checking out websites like ( and ( A lot of bad things could happen as Y2K cascades through your life.  

So what can you do? Take back your power!! Get as healthy as possible. Health is far more than absence of disease. The ancient Chinese thought CHI (or energy) was the answer. The right amount of CHI at the right place at the right time = good health. Create a secure environment that has fuel, good water and food. Network with people who share your objectives. The number of friends you have may be way more important than the numbers you have in a bank that is no longer there. 

Specifically what steps you can take.

#1 Go to church- "Seek ye first the kingdom of God…" The spiritual realm will always be there but the
things of man may change… a lot. 

#2 Drink more pure water and have a supply on hand.

#3 Get toxins and poisons out of your body. Quit addictive behaviors like drugs, alcohol, and tobacco and junk food. Addictive behavior is already the leading cause of death in America; so get over it.

#4 Put new good stuff in your body - vitamins, minerals, herbs, and antioxidants. Have a supply on hand because most supplements have a shelf life of 3 or 4 years. Look at products available from companies like The Sunland Herb Company. It would be a good idea to have a 30 to 90 day emergency nutrient survival kit on hand.

#5 See your Chiropractor and remove interference with your nerve system. (Get a tune up.) An ongoing relationship with your D.C. will help remove Vertebro-subluxations which are the most tragic obstruction to health and life known to modern science.

#6 Help Others- my father, who was a Chiropractor for over 50 years, said he could always tell when a
person was getting better because they would stop thinking of themselves so much and refer others. An indicator of how well you are doing is your ability to help others.

#7 The most important thing is to START. You can change as you go along but you have to START NOW.

The ancient Greek philosophers were sure of only one thing, " the only certainty in life is THERE WILL BE CHANGE".

Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) will probably be the most common disease in the year 2000 as
most people try to adapt to abrupt massive change in their environment. PTSD is basically the inability to cope with change. Soldiers found out the rules on Main Street USA don’t apply on the battlefield.

Many Doctors today have a form of PTSD by not being able to cope with Managed Care changes.
Symptoms may include: substance abuse, alcohalism, mood changes, anxiety, digestive disturbances,
vague muscle, nerve and joint pain, sexual dysfunction, dysphonesis, poverty, malaise, and ephemeral
dyspathy. Some of the fallout from Y2K is insurance companies and government bureaucrats will suffer mass PTSD as their systems collapse and there is no longer a need for their vocation. The paradox is the doctors who could have helped them won’t be there, because they will have PTSD from having to deal with the uncertainty created by the bureaucrats.

Y2K changes may be so profound that there will be a NEW DARK AGE challenging your ability to maintain your personal equilibrium (internal balance) or homeostasis.

Read steps 1 – 7 AGAIN!!!

After Y2K there will be 2 kinds of people; those who make it and those who don’t. Which one you are
depends on the choices you make NOW!!!

Ronald P. Georgi, D.C.


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