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Enhance Your Sexual Life

Through the ages, a select number of herbs and nutrients have been used to help improve one’s sexual well-being. The Greeks ate "erotic" foods and in India and Russia herbs were used as aphrodisiacs for both men and women.

Many natural substances have been reported to help increase a man’s sexual function. Avena sativa, or Wild Oats, contain vitamins such as zinc and other nutrients that are reported to help ‘sow your wild oats." Extracts of Avena sativa contain the alkaloid avenine, which is known to stimulate the central nervous system. This alkaloid has been shown to help reduce anxiety and exhaustion.

A double-blind crossover study tested the effects of Avena sativa on the sexual desires and performance of adult males and female volunteers for eight weeks. The subjects were requested to keep a daily journal of their sexual activities and thoughts. Each individual was placed on the extract for 28 days and then placed on a placebo for the same time period. Results showed significant improvement in all parameters for men, but no improvements for women were noted. Optimal dosage for Avena sativa is thought to be 200-800 mg per day.

Yohimbe (Corynanthe yohimbe) is considered one of the most popular aphrodisiacs and has been used in Africa and the West Indies to help men with impotence and to promote sexual excitation. Yohimbe was used in pagan sexual rituals and in wedding ceremonies for the above reasons.

Yohimbe bark contains an ingredient called yohimbine that acts as a mild central nervous system stimulant. Yohimbine is reported to cause a mild euphoric feeling and may improve sexual well-being.

Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca) was used as a male aphrodisiac and nerve tonic by the Mexicans and Native Americans. Damiana leaves have acquired a reputation for the ability to improve the symptoms of male sexual impotence There a however. little scientific evidence to support this herbal claim. Future research with this herb should help to substantiate its activity.

Other herbs such as Siberian Ginseng can help improve overall energy and vigor. Ginseng extracts have been used for centuries in Russian folklore as a remedy for stress, depression and fatigue. This herb has also been touted for its "aphrodisiac effect" which may be related to glycolytic compounds called eleutherosides. These phytochemicals appear to act on the adrenal gland with a corresponding reduction in the exhaustion phase of stress. Ginseng works well with bee pollen to improve ones sense of well-being.

Cayenne (Capsioum fructesoens) is helpful as a natural stimulant and with niacin can help increase blood flow to the surface capillaries. Cayenne contains an active principle called capsaicin, a phenol-like compound that has demonstrated a variety of positive benefits. In a study with oral capsaicini test subjects showed a reduction in neurogenic inflammation and pain sensitivity.

No male formula should be without the mushroom known as Cordyoeps sinensis. Cordyceps is called the caterpillar fungus and in modern and traditional China is used for insomnia, adrenal hypofunction and impotence. Cordyceps is reported to have properties that are similar to ginseng, and may help reduce exhaustion and increase endurance.



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